TORG Eternity – Core Rules

The „High Lords”, cruel tyrants from other realities have joined together to conquer Earth and steal its living energy: its Possibilities! Where they invade the world changes, forming realms governed by the rules of alien realities.

A man hugging his steampunk horse

Ruined Empires

When the governor of Isla Aether approaches you with a treasure map pointing the way to ancient ruins filled with valuable technology, it seems like an easy job. But wild beasts, rival Neobedouin treasure hunters and an Imperal Air Navy frigate are just the beginning of your troubles … betrayal is never far away when you’re a pirate!

Two airships in a fight

Abney Park’s Airship Pirates

It’s 2150. The Earth’s recovering from the Great Apocalypse of 1906.

From the steampunk sky-cities of Isla Aether and High Tortuga come the airship pirates. You hoiste the Jolly Roger, spin your propellers and take to the skies. Yours is a life of adventure, plunder and infamy.