Ruined Empires

A man hugging his steampunk horse
A man hugging his steampunk horse
Illustrator: MANDEM, Robert Brown, Ben Hummel, Kory Leal
Published: 2011

„Skeletons of rust reach to the sky

Ruined empires of days gone by.“

Abney Park

When the governor of Isla Aether approaches you with a treasure map pointing the way to ancient ruins filled with valuable technology, it seems like an easy job. But wild beasts, rival Neobedouin treasure hunters and an Imperal Air Navy frigate are just the beginning of your troubles … betrayal is never far away when you’re a pirate!

Acomplete adventure for a crew of Airship Pirates.

Author: klenkes

Roland arbeitet als IT Berater für die Firma Red Hat. Wenn er sich nicht mit um seine Töchter, OpenShift, seinen Websites oder Bürgerrechten befasst, ist sein liebstes Hobby Rollenspiele. Hier betreut er auch den RPG Con Kalender.

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