Character Book (Fading Suns)

The Character Book presents the game system and player characters for Fading Suns. In the Victory Point System, each player uses a single 20-sided die and a handful of victory point tokens to enact their character’s dramatic feats before the winds of fate. This book includes character creation rules for all the major factions, as well as technological equipment, starships, psychic powers, and theurgic rites.

Gamemaster Book (Fading Suns)

The Gamemaster Book presents people, places, and plots for Fading Suns. Herein are guidelines for creating dramas for the player troupe and how to populate them with all manner of non-player-character allies, rivals, and foils. An example drama is included, as well as a roll-by-rooll description of play.

Gamemaster Screen (Fading Suns)

The Known Worlds and beyond host many dangers — all of which can be resolved using the charts provided in this sturdy, four-panel Gamemaster Screen. Herein are the most useful rules and charts: sequence of play, VP costs, Resistance ratings, environmental conditions, ranks, and more. Also included are punch-sheet tokens for victory points and wyrd points, making it easy to gain and spend these action resources during play.

Intrigues & Escapades (Fading Suns)

Intrigues & Escapades unveils the conspiracy customs among nobles, priests, and merchants, showing how some are raised from birth to scheme while others learn from hard knocks. Presented are two detailed dramas involving troupes in such dirty dealings, along with a host of drama hooks that gamemasters can develop with their own tiwsts.

Imperial Dossier Reeves Guild (Fading Suns)

Somebody’s got to do the paperwork, and the Reeves do it quite well — so well that they are the de facto bankers of the Known Worlds and probably one of the richest factions in the universe. Few realize just how wealthy they’ve become through their loans to noble houses. Just about everybody owes the Reeves, and when a Reeve comes calling in favors, few dare deny them: their debt collectors are fered on every planet, moon, and asteroid. Most people, however, know the Reves as layers, legal-eagles, and justice-seeking firebrands, defending the hight and the low alike from their accusers.

Imperial Dossier Urth Orthodox (Fading Suns)

Priests of the Orthodoxy — from the ostentatious bishops of the capital cities to the humble parish priests in the most poverty-stricken fiefs — are found throughout the Known Worlds. While this ruling sect of the Universal Church has gained a reputation for cunning pollitical maneuvers, most of its priests know little of such things, being entirely too busy protecting the souls of the simple faithful. While many may spurn the Orthodoxy for its overtly political role, when tragedy strikes, it is the Orthodoxy they return to for consolation.

Imperial Dossier House Hawkwood (Fading Suns)

House Hawkwood saw one of its own become emperor, only to be sidelined by Alexius in his bid to win the favor of all the Royal Houses. No matter. The Hawkwoods have remained ever stoic and unyielding before the tides of time and trouble. After withstanding years of raids by the Vuldrok, it is their turn to expand into the barbarians’ worlds nad take back their lost glory.

Fading Suns – Faction Book

The Faction Book presents the minor houses (from Eldrid to Xanthippe), minor sects (from Chorali to Preceptors), and minor guilds (Apothecaries to Wranglers) of the Fading Suns universe. Herein also are the pagans (Zuranists and Gjartins), the sentient alien species of the Known Worlds (from ascorbites to shantor), and the Changed, the genetically altered mutants scorned by the superstitious polulace for their wondrous endowments.

Die Schwarze Katze - Regelwerk

Die Schwarze Katze – Regelwerk

Die Schwarze Katze ist ein ganz besonderes Fantasy-Rollenspiel, in dem du und deine Freunde die Hauptrollen übernehmt: Katzen! Von Bewusstsein und Wissen beseelt und bereit für Abenteuer! Durchstreife verborgen vor den Blicken der Menschen die alte Hafenstadt Havena an der Westküste Aventuriens. Ob als geschickte Dachtänzerin, wagemutiger Straßenkämpfer oder verwöhnte Schoßkatze, viele Abenteuer erwarten dich in den düsteren Gassen und Höfen der Stadt, auf den Festen der wohlhabenden Hauskatzen oder in der ewigen Dunkelheit der Kanalisation.

Vampire: Die Maskerade Jubiläumsausgabe (V20)

Vampire: Die Maskerade hat Anfang der 1990er Jahre die Rollenspiel-Welt verändert. Der Spielleiter wurde zum Erzähler und gemeinsam gestaltete die…